Sticky Fingers

Welcome to Sticky Fingers: A Sonnet in Prose from the Editor

        Got your hands stuck in our honey pot?
Craving something that’s sugar and spice
        and everything nice and honeylicious,
and oh, you can’t stop, because you love
        that rush of sweetness as you pour yourself
a cocktail or mocktail with honey and citrus,
        or how about a honeycomb dessert that even
the gods on Mount Olympus would envy.
        Yummy. Welcome. Hello, dear readers:
our hive proudly presents Honey Literary’s
        new online artist spotlight <drumroll please>
Sticky Fingers, filled with exclusive content
        and interviews to quench your sweet tooth.
We get it. You can’t get enough of us, can you.

Much love,
Dorothy Chan, Rita Mookerjee, Gaia Rajan, and the Honey Hive