Honey Literary’s first issue will debut in Winter 2020/2021. We publish two issues each year, one in winter, and one in summer. Our second reading period opens February 1st and closes May 1st. 

To share your work, please email the respective genre editor and upload your .docx or image files (please direct any file format questions to Editor in chief, Dorothy Chan @ and she would be happy to help). Include a brief bio with a few sentences about why your work is a good fit for us with our mission statement in mind. If you’re submitting the same packet to multiple categories, please let us know as well.

Please send us your work only once per submission period. Simultaneous submissions are cool as long as you promptly notify us if the work is accepted elsewhere.

Honey Literary accepts and encourages simultaneous submissions, but please let us know immediately if a piece is accepted elsewhere. Submit no more than once per submissions period. We only accept unpublished work. Honey Literary retains first publication rights, and upon publication, rights revert back to the author. Please credit Honey Literary as the first publisher if the piece appears elsewhere after publication, which includes, but isn’t limited to other journals, anthologies, chapbooks, and full-length books.   

Poetry:  Send us three to five unpublished pieces at a time. We’ve got big appetites, so more is more. We want the poems that were too weird for workshop. Give us work that is eclectic and absurd and demands to be read aloud. Send us your jigsaw edges and remixes. 

Email submissions to Editor Rita Mookerjee: 

Sex, Kink, and the Erotic: Locker room talk is dead; Honey Literary is here for body-positive, kink-friendly content centered around respect and consent. Ideal submissions include but are not limited to confessions, toy/gear reviews, etiquette guides, dirty little secrets, burlesque show recommendations, odes to sideboob, fav strip club snacks, dating app wins (or fails), shibari shoots, erotic vignettes, recaps from the weekend, and that porno script you saved on your old desktop. Honey Literary loves and supports sex workers as well as their art/writing! Show us what’s inside your bedside drawer. 

Note from the editors: Please be sure to look up the difference between “erotic” and “erotica” before submitting.

Email submissions to Editor Rita Mookerjee: 

Essays: Send us essays that use the personal to explore facets of our current world. From natural history, science, politics, international events, food, culture, and art, we want to see how the personal and public intersect in your work.We’re seeking essays that are elastic, capacious, experimental and exploratory. We welcome memoir, nonfiction, research, lyric meditations, and hybrid work about what stirs your curiosity, what raises your hackles. We especially invite emerging writers and student writers to submit their work.  (750-1000 words) 

Email submissions to Editor Avni Vyas: 

Hybrid: Do you have work that blurs, defies, or redefines genre? We welcome excerpts and stand alones that may include, but are not limited to: documentary poetics, notes, mappings, marginalia, lists, altars/shrines, collections, audiovisual pieces, prose poetry, letters, invented forms, collaborations, and scholarly projects that are slightly or largely out of touch with institutions. Send enough work to contextualize your project with respect for our time. For example: a bouquet–not the entire meadow.

Email submissions to Editor Claire Meuschke:

Comics: We’re looking for eccentric, experimental, excessive, confessional, instructional, genre-nasty comics pieces (10 pages or less) in any form. Single-panel pieces, excerpts from zines, comics stories without words, comics without pictures, one-offs, doodles, interesting trash, and everything in between. We are particularly open to submissions from members of the LGBTQIAAP+ community.

Email submissions to Editor Jessica Q. Stark: 

Animals: Kingdom: Animalia. Familiars. Daemons. Protectors. Companions. Predators. Prey. This is a space to submit art & writing about animals real or imagined, pre-historic or future, spineless or silky, friend or foe. Share the work you do with animals; show us the bioluminescent creatures in your lagoon; describe the dreams where your lost pets come to visit you. Highlight conservation work in your habitats. Profile the service animal of the year. Recount the folk tales that made you scared of drain serpents. Tell us about the anteater in the forest, the sandhill cranes in the parking lot, the carabao in the rice field, the angler in the deep. We want your venom, oily feathers, plush fur, mythical beasts, and whale songs.

Please submit a maximum of 3 artworks, 3-5 pages for poems, and 10-15 pages for longer pieces.

Email submissions to Editor Christina Giarrusso: 

Interviews: Honey Literary seeks to conduct interviews that showcase the boundlessness of art and innovation, tapping into the creative’s soul and teasing out the hows and whys of their passions. We want to facilitate interviews that go beyond the typical, robotic back and forth between two parties, but rather a natural, gradual unfurling between people who cherish expression and creation. Whether you’re a singer, writer, visual artist, or culinary chef, Honey Literary wants to know what moves you, what keeps you up at night, who’s in your artistic lineage, and of course, all about your craft. 

Email submissions to Editor Zakiya Cowan:

Reviews: Honey Literary is seeking reviews on recently released books, along with art mediums that aren’t typically at the forefront of conversations. From novels, novellas, short story collections, and poetry collections, to graphic novels filled with queer and magical themes (think non-binary werewolves and time travel) and hybrid books, we want to engage with all forms and genres. We’re also seeking a wide variety of reviews, so think about that fashion line that makes their clothing from plastic bottles, or that brand of panties whose goal is to eliminate product waste among people who have periods. Or maybe you want to engage with films and tv shows from independent studios, directed, written, and/or starring BIPOC, queer, and disabled individuals. Or what about restaurants that feature traditional recipes from across an ocean? Reviews are boundless, and whether it’s an in-depth analysis or short and sweet praise, we want to hear it all! 

Email submissions to Editor Trinity Jones:

Valentines: Tell us about that one friend you didn’t know you were in love with until you came out. Share the sticky note love letters you’ll never end up giving your roommate’s girlfriend. Or what about those love songs you wrote to your favorite artists? Honey Literary wants your Valentines: your phone notes, email drafts, letters in a box, corner-of-the-page-too-distracted-by-lust-to-pay-attention doodles, and descriptions of the outfits you love but will never wear. Or what about your thoughts on the perfect perfume for that special someone, your late-night car conversations, your platonic epics, your [self-insert] fanfiction, your realizations of being pursued or secretly admired, your sheets of loose leaf stuffed into drawers, your quarantine love stories, or your Tinder conversations with strangers that you’ll never speak to again? Think about those missed connections: the person you ran into three times at the grocery store whose name you didn’t catch. Is your valentine a top 10 list? Is it taped on a bus stop, in the refrain of a pop song, at the bottom of a bowl, or framed at an altar? Give us your cutesy, your sexy, your sultry, and your badass expressions of love and life.

Email submissions to Editor Maria Clara Melo: