Mission Statement

“When writing, we want to f with the ineffable.” -Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon

Honey Literary is a BIPOC-focused literary journal / 501(c)(3) literary arts organization built by women of color. In our founding year of 2020, we denounce the overwhelming homogeneity of the literary landscape as well as Eurocentric traditions of writing. However, we believe in the anti-racist, anticolonial powers of art and literature. We carry the legacy of the many marginalized writers and editors who came before us and will work to foster community, allyship, and professional growth for our artists. 

Our pillars are access, advocacy, and intersectionality. We encourage mentorship with and for emergent writers of color.  Honey Literary is a space for BIPOC (Black/Indigenous/People of Color and any combination therein). We publish BIPOC women, non-binary and trans people,  disabled writers, and anyone of color from the LGBTQIAP2+ community. We crave the work of agitators, righteous disruptors, weirdos, and wild ones. We accept submissions in the following categories: 

Sex, Kink, and the Erotic
Rants & Raves

*Please refer to our submissions page for full descriptions of each section. 

Honey Literary values white allies. Without white allyship, intersectionality is null and equity for all cannot be achieved. While our masthead is comprised of women of color, we recognize that we cannot embody an exhaustive list of marginalized experience. The majority of what we publish will be work from BIPOC, but we welcome submissions from white allies as long as they have a demonstrable connection to our mission statement. We thank you for respecting this stipulation. 

Honey Literary has a zero tolerance policy for writing that contains depictions of the following: animal cruelty, body shaming/fatphobia, glorification of eating disorders, gratuitous sexual violence (including but not limited to r*pe), and/or religious proselytizing. Submissions regarding casteism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and/or ableism are permitted as long as the message of the work is neither appropriated nor founded in hate speech. 

Honey Literary is committed to dismantling exclusionary practices in the literary community implemented and enforced by white gatekeepers. This includes submission fees. Submissions to Honey Literary will be free. We the founders recognize writing as the legitimate labor practice that it is and always has been. Honey Literary will not have fully achieved its goals until it can operate as an entity that pays its writers. Full stop.