Valentines: “Two Sapphic Queens” by MicKenzie Fasteland

Two Sapphic Queens

Two Sapphic Queens: In the foreground, two queen bees exchange a valentine and a magic wand style vibrator. Each wears a gold and red crown bedecked in pearls. In the background, there’s a multi-layer honeycomb in golden yellow, bright yellow, and deep orange, with a layer of honey dripping down along the edges.

About MicKenzie Fasteland

MicKenzie Fasteland headshot

MicKenzie Fasteland is a former academic and paper-cutting artist from Minnesota. She received her PhD in English and Women’s Studies from the University of Michigan in children’s and young adult literature. Her academic work has been published in Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth and her artistic work can be found in the Research on Diversity in Youth Literature, in forthcoming publication from Routledgeand on her Instagram page @slowwaterpaper