Valentines: Three Sonkus by Edythe Rodriguez

a jonesin sonku

give me a 
brown are
ola love / land 
of milk and 
honeyed skin 
pressed tight / slick

home from work sonku

the front door
unlocks, swing
ing open.
I drop the
laundry, socks,
my drawers.

wherever we at sonku

a light touch
burns, draws me
into your
shade, so you
take me by
the water.

About Edythe Rodriguez

Edythe Rodriguez headshot

Edythe Rodriguez is a Philly-based writer who studied Africology and creative writing at Temple University. She loves neo-soul, battle rap, and long walks through old poetry journals. Her work is a call for aggressive healing and is published or forthcoming in Obsidian, Sonku Literary Magazine, Raising Mothers, and elsewhere.