Valentines: “biorythms” by Auzin


i had to seduce myself first           the rest came
afterwards                    i’ve been trying to write a stanza
without blood in it                  but my wounds keep
oozing onto the keyboard                    i’ll call it eczema
i scroll up through the feed to see my posts from the future
my lover           his lover            backyard chickens
an antique pewter ring             a dress to wear only once
the bright blue light which                                  nightly whispers to me
let this be the last thing you see            let this be the last thing you see

About Auzin

Black and white author photo of Auzin standing next to a chain link fence.

Auzin is a writer from the Pacific Northwest who strings words together because there are creations inside her which clamor to get out. She has published with Hecate Magazine, Fahmidan Journal, and Rogue Agent Journal. She is also the Managing Editor at Hecate Magazine. Her work can be found at