Hybrid: “City Lights” by Tiamet “Ti” Webb

City Lights

Contemporary abstract pointilism painting filled with the colors of the rainbow in various placements. The dots of the painting resemble city lights. All the colors come together to evoke the multiple emotions of a person living in a big city.

About Tiamet “Ti” Webb

Tiamet “Ti” Webb headshot

Born in 1978, in Hampton, Virginia, Tiamet “Ti” Webb, has always had a love for art and poetry. She contributes her core development as an artist to the lessons learned from her father. While studying English at Old Dominion University, Ti learned the value reading has on developing your voice. Her first poem, “Mirror,” written for an assignment in the 5th grade, solidified her love for poetry. Noticing her budding desire for literature and art, her father exposed her to a wide variety of authors and artists. A poet and artist himself, he instilled patience and dedication in her, and taught her the benefit of listening to silence and creating in the moment. 

In 2014, after a suggestion to try her hand at painting, she found the part of her life that she always felt was missing. Her narrative as an artist has been deeply shaped by her cultural and daily experiences. Her art, full of bold colors, effortlessly gliding and residing harmoniously amongst one another, commands attention. As she puts it, “I am a black woman in America, I’ve been screaming to be heard since birth. My art demands that you not only see me, but that you hear me as well.”