Comics: “your culture” by Christina Lee

Panel 1: (2007) Young girl hunched over the chopsticks and kimbap before her, surrounded by phrases like “Asians eat dogs, right?”

Panel 2: (2012) Pre-teen girl holding a sandwich is surrounded by phrases like “You speak so well!” and “Oppan Gangnam Style!”
Panel 3: (2019) Teen girl with a piece of kimbap in her chopsticks raises an eyebrow at phrases like “Korean BBQ” and “OMG I love kimbob”

Panel 4: Girl from the previous panel shrugs and sighs, saying “At least it’s easier to start a conversation, now … kinda … I dunno…”
Panel 5: It’s just … I don’t want “Korean” or “Korean-American” seen one dimensionally, you know?

About Christina Lee

Author photo of Christina Lee smiling and she stands in front of a series of waterfalls and the pool at the bottom.

Christina Lee (she/her) is currently studying materials science and engineering at Cornell University. A self-taught dabbler in drawing and newcomer to comics, she hopes to explore the first-generation American and queer aspects of her identity further through her work.