Comics: “Toilet Humor” by Mark He

TOILET HUMOR: Black and white comic strip. 
Panel 1: depicts a man looking at himself in his bathroom mirror, contemplative, with a question mark of surprise. 

Panel 2: he sees a hand reaching out of the toilet. 

Panel 3: (LONGING) is written over the hand reaching out of the toilet. 

Panel 4: The man from the first panel reaches toward the hand in the toilet, with the word "PRO-LONGING" written over his arm. We can see the rest of the person in the toilet– it is a man distressed, looking upwards, with an exclamation point by his face. The word "BELONGING?" is written by the toilet man's body.

Panel 5: The man from Panel 1 now kneels, head and torso deep in the toilet. 

Panel 6: The man from Panel 1 is headfirst in the toilet, all submerged except for his feet. He sees nothing there, a question mark drawn by his face, his chin resting on his hand in contemplation, his other hand in his pocket. A skeleton of a small creature with a long tail is depicted outside of the man's line of sight.

About Mark He

Mark He headshot

Dr. Mark He (he/him) is an artist and scientist.  He also writes poetry. He is a first generation immigrant. He presently works as a researcher at Columbia University and lives in Queens, New York with his cat, Smiles. Prior to this, he lived in Durham, North Carolina where his artistic work has appeared in several local outlets such as The Concern Magazine as well as several self-published zines.  His Instagram is markhe9999.