Comics: “Haiku Comics” by Shin Yu Pai and Justin Rueff

Haiku Comics

A comic strip with four frames. 

Frame 1: Close-up of a man's face with the words "Running into a man"

Frame 2: Zoom-in of a woman's eyes with the words "I once loved"

Frame 3: An infant's face with large eyes and an open mouth, with the words "turns away from my infant son"

Frame 4: The man's face with a look of sadness

A comic strip with four frames. 

Frame 1: A curled green fiddlehead fern with the words "Seeing a fiddlehead fern"

Frame 2: Another coiled fiddlehead fern with the words "for the first time my boy"

Frame 3: Foliage and another fiddlehead fern with the words "draws his hand into a curl"

Frame 4: A child's fist curled inwards on top of green fiddlehead ferns"

About Shin Yu Pai & Justin Rueff

Shin Yu Pai headshot
Justin Rueff headshot

Shin Yu Pai is a poet, essayist and visual artist. She is the author of several books of poetry, including Virga (Empty Bowl, 2021), ENSŌ (Entre Ríos Books, 2020), Sightings: Selected Works  (1913 Press, 2007), AUX ARCS (La Alameda, 2013), Adamantine (White Pine, 2010), Haiku Not Bombs (Booklyn Artist Alliance, 2008), and Equivalence (La Alameda, 2003). For more info, visit

Justin Rueff is an artist, designer and educator. He has created hundreds of hand-painted signs and murals for businesses in Portland, Central Oregon and Los Angeles. He works as a sign painter, commercial artist and comic book creator. He is the creator of Brother Crow comics and the upcoming romance title, Heroes & Lovers. You can see more of Justin’s work on his instagram: @justinrueff or at