Animals: Two Artworks by Melody Serra


Flutter is a watercolor piece that is 5×5 unframed. 
Flutter was inspired by a friend of mine named Wendy Murray ( Wendy shared a poster with me to share with my students on how migration is natural and she illustrated the most beautiful monarch butterflies on the poster. I decided to paint the monarch butterflies using watercolor on cold press paper.


Untitled piece that is digital art and is 6×9.

About Melody Serra

Author photo of Melody Serra with the author standing sideways and smiling towards the camera with a wooden fence behind her (the fence is covered in ivy).

Melody’s passion is teaching and empowering others by sharing what she has learned. She started a JavaScript class at the Boys and Girls Club of Visitacion Valley, helped launch an arts and crafts program at a children’s hospital, and also taught at San Quentin State Prison. Melody hopes to inspire youth to explore and expand their creativity through web development, writing, and art.

Social Media
Twitter: @melrserra