Animals: “Little Snatchers” by Aria Pahari

Little Snatchers

My sister and I creep closer 
to the blush of purple blooms 
where butterflies fold wings
for a journeyed sip of nectar. 

We reach up to clasp them 
between forefinger and thumb
reveling in the sheen that lingers 
on our fingerprints like ember.

Upon release their flight
stutters with turbulence slight
but before leaving we notice
realignments with air 

undeterred by our hands
outstretched in false threat 
to flitting limbs blessed
with dust layering 

and settling like a dance
upon the terrain of a planet 
we are grasping to know
if only for a beat. 

About Aria Pahari

Author photo of Aria Pahari smiling with a forest behind her.

Aria Pahari is a Nepali American poet from Virginia. Find her at