Animals: “holorama” by Adrian Ibarra


we’re back on the dawn 
of another cicada summer 
another proof we can travel 
through time if we try. 
our breathing out still has 
a frequency and it adds
to the noise of the universe 
expanding. so your breathing
pitch went into all those insect 
young as they slept— 
went in the ground 
just weeks before you did. 

now to those million bugs 
you’re still here, still vibrating 
in their bellies as they go on 
to glut countless predators 
who will die and feed countless 
trees with their bodies— 
will your sound live on in those 
predator bones or that wood? 

in seventeen years
will the board ask about 
you to the saw? 

About Adrian Ibarra

Author photo of Adrian Ibarra sitting on a log in the forest on a sunny day.

Adrian Ibarra is a poet and weirdo living in Oakland, CA. He is an MFA grad from Antioch University, Los Angeles where he served as managing editor for their literary magazine, Lunch Ticket. His work has been nominated for Best of the Net and has appeared at The John Lion New Plays Festival, in Burningword, The Wild Word, Cinepunx, Metaphor Magazine, Dryland, Barren Magazine, as well as other journals and lit mags that don’t exist anymore. Works in progress can be found at

insta: comma_summer