Dorothy Chan’s Editor’s Note: A Triple Sonnet and Cheers to Wild Summer, Issue 2

            Hey cuties, welcome to Honey’s Wild Summer,
because poetry and party are alliterative,
            like perfume and pookie and pomegranate
and pleasure, and pencil us in right the hell
            now, turn up the volume—pour a little honey
in your adult beverage, a Luxardo cherry
            or candied walnut at the bottom soaked in whiskey,
and let’s vibrate through these words—les mots—
            love letters and sexts and passages of time and space
and place, and where do I land in your dreams is 
            the question in this heat, and if you had the choice
between being gentle or being wild, what would
            you take? I wonder. After all, how close to the
Truth do you want to get—to your core instinct,

moving away from the pretty into your nightmares
            and confrontations, or writing is like swimming
into a deep, dark ocean, and you’re all alone,
            even though you know you’ll get out knowing
a little bit more about yourself, and how bad 
            is it to be alone anyway if you’re near Truth.
Reader, we’re giving you wildness. Honeys, 
            we’re giving you fashion and getting lost and high
in the narratives, or choose your own adventure,
            your own order, like it’s a brunch time special
filled with blueberry Belgian waffles and dollops
            of cream and Eggs Florentine and Shakshouka
with a side of sausage, washing it down with 
            extra spicy Bloody Marys and bacon, and it’s time

            to go on that adventure—hopscotch our way through
this curation of Animals and Valentines, because
            who even believes in genre anyway, and give me
Sex and Kink and Spice and Everything Nice and
            Erotic, and it’s like the freeze frame moment of
the big movie of passions and thrills and make me
            laugh right now or it’s not a Happy Ending. We’re
serving Poetry and Comics and let’s play inside
            graphic narrative maze, you hottie, and Essays
and Hybrid, and who believes in clear genre
            anyway, it’s all feeling and trust and Interviews
and Reviews for a little conversation. Cheers to you
            for joining our Hive this summer. I wish I could 
pop a balloon right now—welcome to Issue 2.