Valentines: Five Micropoems by caliche fields

«true love»

late night conditions:
on jalapeño poppers, 
smoke breaks with kittens,

hues purple and smoothed out hash
laid out while he counts his cash

«salty lady»

now here is a lady who scorched philanders
so pleasantly perfumed with coriander
“dehydrated” is salty
silly men are so faulty
who dares to deny la belle: oleander


as hexagonal citrus blossoms beneath
him keepin’ it down low – corrosive af;
tho’ honeyed me con limas zest me bequeathed –
uh, plant based papi gazing at me moon struck
me cazaba con dientes, turning up beef.


the bee cause, that’s tea.
smooth like twirls of honey, lemon, cinnamon
and no patience for sickness


behold a steady descent into bar top blues
reminded of studying her bruises in poetry seminars
over juice box hues – sips of sugar, he misread my cues.

Note: «true love» was originally published in Mixed Mag.

About caliche fields

caliche fields is a queer sioux tejanx; lives upon the prehistoric ruins of the permian basin. they hold an ma specializing in the poetry of sor juana inés de la cruz. they’re rooted in interdisciplinary natures and their work dwells within the kitchen, its sciences and philosophies.