Hybrid: “departure of / the bride / enters” by Jenne Hsien Patrick

Note: This is an erasure of pages from “Researches Into Chinese Superstitions Volumes 1-3” by Henri Doré published by T’usewei Press in 1914. This piece is from a larger project where I am using papercutting and erasure of this text written by a French Jesuit missionary about China and the beliefs of “The Chinese,” through the western gaze for missionary work, still referred to as an authoritative text in early anthropological research. I am peeling and looking for the echoes of unnamed women from ancestral family trees, cutting and uncovering the things I have heard my grandmother say or didn’t have to say. The text is found and preserved in order and titles are from chapter titles. The papercutting is a further attempt to de-text the erasure and embody the shape of their voices from the page, re-found. 

About Jenne Hsien Patrick

Jenne Hsien Patrick is a writer and an artist currently based in Seattle. She incorporates text into textiles, papercutting and stop action animation and creates spaces for healing and storytelling in her community. Jenne’s work has appeared or is forthcoming from the Asian American Literary Reviewwildness, Capsule Stories, and elsewhere. http://www.jennehsienpatrick.com