Hybrid: “On Lionfish” by Julia Chen

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[Note: Bolded text is an erasure of the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. Unbolded text are author’s own additions.]

About Julia Chen

Born and raised in the Greater Los Angeles area, Julia Chen (she/her) is still aspiring to be the Miyazaki heroine she knows she can be, which might explain why her first ever published piece was about (literal) toast. She was most recently a finalist in Fiction for Kundiman’s 2019 Mentorship Lab and a member of Winter Tangerine’s April 2019 intensive workshop in New York City. Her words can be seen in No Tender Fences: An Anthology of Immigrant & First-Generation American Poetry. She is also an Assistant Fiction Editor for The Offing. You can find her online at juliahchen.com and @passthejujubes on Instagram and Twitter.